Kihaad Maldives

Rooms and Price Ranges of Kihaad Maldives

    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 187 to USD 486
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 205 to USD 541
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 252 to USD 631
    • Beach View Room
    • Rate between USD 252 to USD 631
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 293 to USD 659
    • Two Bed Room unit on the Beach with Private Swimming Pool
    • Rate between USD 433 to USD 820
    • Over water unit with private swimming pool
    • Rate between USD 433 to USD 820

NB : All Prices displayed are per person per night based on DBL sharing basis Price will vary depending on the traveling dates and number of persons

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Reserve Beach Villa

  • reserve-beach-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 77 Sqm No of Suits : 48
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48 unitsWith as land area of 77 sq.m per villa, characterized by its own garden, a day bed sofa with teak flooring, open-air bathroom and a wooden patio facing the beach extended from the veranda.

Lagoon Prestige Beach Villa

  • bed-room-lagoon-prestige-beach-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-lagoon-prestige-beach-villa-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 89 Sqm No of Suits : 34
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Lagoon Prestige Beach Villa 34 unitsWith a land area of 89 sq.m per villa, these elegantly rustic villas offer a day bed sofa with teak flooring, open-air bathroom with their beach front outdoor terraces offers the perfect ocean view, a place of idleness and your own home feeling, ideal for snorkeling.

Family Junior Suite

  • living-room-family-junior-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-family-junior-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • living-area-family-junior-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 250 Sqm No of Suits : 4
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One unit with a living room where can be connected to another Reserve Beach Villa and used as 2 bedroom villa. Both having a land area of 250 sq.m per suite, with its own private veranda, living room and private terrace with an amazing view. The bedroom boasts a large walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom which has an exquisite 'two-person' bath tub.These elegantly designed suites are the ideal retreat to discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Maldives while spending quality bonding time with your family or close group of friends.

Sunset Prestige Pavilion Beach Villa

  • entrance-sun-set-prestige-pavilion-beach-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 110 Sqm No of Suits : 18
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Sunset Prestige Pavilion Beach Villa 18 unitsWith a land area of 110 sq.m per villa, these elegantly rustic villas offer a day bed sofa with teak flooring, open-air bathroom with their outdoor terraces and pavilion offers the perfect seclusion with stunning views of the pristine white beach and the sparkling aquamarine ocean beyond. Enjoy a moment of pure bliss, taking in the breathtaking sunset on the dreamy private pavilion that is right on your doorstep.

Water Villa

  • living-room-water-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-water-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bed-room-water-villa-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • private-pool-water-villa-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 150 Sqm No of Suits : 10
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Water Villa 10 unitsThe Water Villas with a land area of 150 sq.m per villa, erected on wooden stilts in the shallow turquoise-blue lagoon offers a spacious bedroom with absolute seclusion. Slip into serenity with the soothing sounds of the waves and subtle ocean breeze surrounding you. The direct access to the clear waters of the Indian Ocean from the Water Villa allows you to take a dip into the warm waters and discover the exciting marine life within.

2 Bedroom Family Exec. Suite With Pool

  • 2-bed-room-family-exec-suite-with-pool-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 310 Sqm No of Suits : 2
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2 Two Bedroom Family Executive Suite with Pool (310 sq. m.)Two units consisting of 2 adjacent suites, with a land area of 310 sq.m per villa equipped with 2 private pools. The Two Bedroom Family Executive Suite with Pool represents the comfort of refinement, grandeur and privacy in the north-west of the island ideal for families and small groups of friends travelling together. Tastefully designed with simplicity and elegance, this spacious and classy Suite will allow you to be immersed in lavish tranquility offering you the ultimate tropical Maldivian experience. 2 suites semi-attached under one complex where each suite offers :

Water Suite

  • bed-room-water-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • bath-room-water-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • living-room-water-suite-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Villa Size : 270 Sqm No of Suits : 2
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2 unitsA land area of 270 sq.m per suite erected on wooden stilts in the shallow turquoise-blue lagoon, our two stand-alone suites offers a spacious living room with direct access to the sea. These ultimate over-water sanctuaries offer you absolute privacy overlooking the vast seascapes, promising a truly breathtaking escape. A stay in these havens of peace and serenity will leave you fresh, revitalized and rejuvenated. While you enjoy the gentle breeze and take in the endless horizon with mesmerizing colors, the sounds of the rolling waves will whisk you away to a world of wonder and fulfillment.


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  • hanifaru-bay-main-restaurant-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • hanifaru-bay-main-restaurant-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • hanifaru-bay-main-restaurant-3-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Takes its name by overlooking to the Hanifaru Bay MPA - Marine Protected Area on a wide pristine beach with its immense thatched roof and a panoramic view of the Ocean where you can watch the sun sink below the horizon. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, our Chefs create exquisite delights from the best of European & Pan Asian cuisine. SPECIALITIES International buffets with live cooking stations offer a wide range of cuisines: Maldivian, Indian Ocean, Oriental, Italian and Continental European where daily homemade ice cream and yoghurts are presented. A children`s menu is also available.


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  • spices-speciality-restaurant-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spices-speciality-2-restaurant-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Having its name from the garden behind and `The Reserve Garden` which we grow our own fresh Spices & Herbs like lemongrass, mint, parsley, peppers etc. Guests may participate and enjoy the collection of fresh spices and herbs together with our Chefs and express their wishes that they will be served customized menus with a traditional or contemporary presentation. SPECIALITIES Must try the authentic dishes and recipes where Marco Polo and Ibn-Battuta used to travel and bringing up the natural tastes indulged with herbs and spices that are unique to Maldives and Sub-Continent.


An open air lounge / restaurant distinguished by an impeccable service and trendy Asian décor, Sarong serves an essential, approachable Asian fusion cuisine in an easy-dining atmosphere, complemented by an extensive wine list. Every menu is a new experience of gourmet journey. SPECIALITIES A wide range of eclectic menu fuses flavors from Indian Ocean to the Pacific into a light, contemporary cuisine served with traditional SARONGs, Maldivian traditional slippers and customized sarong menus. Prepared on tandoori and teppanyaki grills served with stir-fries, sushi, sashimi, vegetables. A great place to remember the magic of the night…


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  • toddy-casual-bar-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • toddy-casual-bar-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • toddy-casual-bar-3-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

Having its name from the `Coconut` which the juice of coconut is presented as a soft drink or coconut palm wine, this bar is located near by the pool and a panoramic view of the Ocean where you can watch the sun sink below the horizon. This open air bar with a trendy Tropical Maldives décor, serves an extensive international snacks menu.


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  • beach-bar-chiringhito-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • beach-bar-chiringhito-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg

This beach bar serves a wide range of cocktails, spirits, refreshing fruit skewers, and daily homemade ice cream and yoghurts a limited international snacks menu. SPECIALITIES With an authentic menu options serving Thai fried rice in a pineapple, enjoying the seafood in banana leaves or having a soup in a coconut, you will not be able to forget Chringuito tastes.


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  • spa-3-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-4-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • spa-5-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Take a stroll on the jetty and luxuriate yourself at our over water Spa. A serene sanctuary surrounded by soothing views and sounds of the ocean, exuding tranquility and relaxation. Indulge yourself in our exquisite range of treatments and massages and discover new meanings of rejuvenation. K-Spa is the key to your soul... to immense your instincts with nature Air, Sea and Sand... You will experience the healing, nourishing and comforting natural products such as carrots, avocados, seaweeds, spices, aloe vera brought by mother nature and applied by our experienced therapists. You will always remember and ask the K ( Kihaad ) Spa experience wherever you travel...

Water Sports

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  • small_thumbcatamaran-sailing-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Discover the crystal clear waters filled with magnificent marine life and unsurpassed underwater beauty, wind surf through the brilliant turquoise lagoons or embark on a fishing excursion and reel in the catch of the day. We offer a wide selection of water sports activities: Snorkelling Wind Surfing Canoing


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  • small_thumbsquash-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbtennis-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbgym-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbjet-skii-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Get active with a game of beach volley ball or tennis or experience the rich Maldivian culture with an excursion to a neighboring local island. Kihaad Maldives is a vision of absolute solitude, however activities and fun that will revitalize your escape with us is always available on a daily basis, with our wide selection of organized recreational activities and facilities that can be prearranged according to your wishes. Recreational Activities & Facilities: Excursions Tennis Badmington Squash Beach Volley Ball Fitness Centre Swimming Pool


Kihaad Diving KIHAAD Maldives offers the unique opportunity to discover the incredible Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and experience Hanifaru Bay, one of the most famous marine reserves in the world. Located right on our doorstep, Hanifaru Bay is a haven for divers and snorkelers alike, featuring breathtaking and enchanting marine life where sharks, mantas, turtles and even whale sharks are spotted on a regular basis. We are just in front of Hanifaru Bay, a protected island by Unesco as “used” by manta rays and whale sharks as nursery, became famous after an article of National Geographic. KIHAAD is proud to be using exclusively CRESSI equipments. Hanifaru: It 'a long reef surrounded by sand. The upper part of this Thila is about 3-5 meters deep while the bottom comes to 30 meters. It 'a great place for drift diving because you can find in the entire length of the reef. Divers can explore and follow the current in the creeks where they encounter schools of Bat fish that are the focal point of this site. Towards the end of the dive we reach the coral blocks where you can meet Turtles. During the season of Manta rays, is the time when schools of glass fish inhabit these coral blocks while Mantas navigate around to get clean. Hanifaru Thila: This is one of the largest Thila in this area and is accompanied by two other smaller Thila you can visit current permitting. The upper part of the small are about 23 to 25 feet deep and the wall of the main Thila also extends to 5 meters from the surface. The strange landscape in these reefs form many bays and beautiful corals grow here. Descending divers will be transported by the current towards the first small Thila and then through the second you can see sharks and stingrays passing. Then crossing to the Thila main where we finish our immersion in the hat Thila.

Kids Club

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  • small_thumbkids-club-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
  • small_thumbkids-club-2-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
K.Hiyaa Young guest of KIHAAD can join complimentary extensive club facilities and daily activities. Nestled in a lush tropical garden the dedicate club a wide array of equipment and services. Children are busy, happy and safe in the Resort. Caters to children from age of 4 to 12. Open daily from 9:30 am to 19:00 pm. Babysitting or professional nannies are also available on request, for a fee. Kids will indulge many activities indoor and outdoor, with the supervision by our experts: Building sand castles and crab kingdom Fish feeding Shell hunting Natural walk Sport and excursion activity as fishing, dolphin watching and diving experience “Bubble maker” There is also a little kitchen, quite time out of sun, where kids of all age can have “cooking lesion” with our Chef and make biscuits and cake for their own tea Knowing that children will be professional cared in safe surrounding, parents will have the opportunity to sample same of the Resort’s adult oriented pastimes, such as indulging SPA ritual, diving or any of the many daily activities organized for grow ups. Our goal is the personal development of children: education and entertainment are always combined in our activities. We offer a broad range of innovative and fun activities for children all age. Children will keep a unique memory of their experience with us as a place where they had fun and learn a lot.

Renewal of Vows

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  • small_thumbrenewal-of-vows-kihaad-resort-luxury-5-star-all-inclusive-luxury-resort-maldives-island-hotel.jpg
Wedding ceremony : Decorated venue with podium, palm arches with tropical floral decorations Renewal of Vow party including Master of Ceremony, Bridesmaid, Local Drummers Celebration Cake & Sparkling Wine Tropical Bouquet for Bride and Buttonhole for the Groom (flower from KIHAAD) sunset cruise with canapés and sparkling wine after the ceremony Photographs in a locally made CD album Framed Photo, Certificate and Traditional Gift Homemade Chocolates & Sparkling Wines in room on arrival special turndown decoration villa
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